18 In 1 Credit Card Knife Multitool Camping Survival Tools

18 In 1 Credit Card Knife Multitool Camping Survival Tools

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Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja.

This perfectly flat multi-tool packs six wrenches, four screwdrivers, two rulers, a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a box cutter, and a fruit peeler into a single piece of steel the size of a credit card.

The TSA-approved Wallet Ninja boasts a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull.

Made from 4X heat-treated steel, Wallet Ninja is thinner than two credit cards and will fit into any wallet.



Features & specs

  • Dimensions: 3.25" x 2.125" x 0.06" (size of a credit card)
  • Material: 4X heat treated steel
  • 1.5mm thick, completely flat
  • Fits in your wallet
  • Includes 18 tools
  • Lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull
  • TSA approved for carry-on during flight
  • Works as a cellphone stand



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Infinitely useful, always accessible

The Wallet Ninja sports eighteen useful, everyday tools that fit into a metal rectangle the size of a credit card.

Keep this multi-tool in your wallet and you'll always be prepared to slice open that cardboard box from Vat19 full of curiously awesome products!

Wallet Ninja multi-tool resting on top of a wallet.
The Wallet Ninja features a bevy of useful tools that will always be at-the-ready!

18 reliable, functional tools in the size of a credit card

  1. Inch ruler
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Bottle opener
  4. Can opener
  5. Peeler
  6. Screwdriver
  7. #2 Hex
  8. #6 Hex
  9. #10 Hex
  1. #12 Hex
  2. #8 Hex
  3. #4 Hex
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Cellphone stand
  6. Box opener
  7. Letter opener
  8. Eyeglass screwdriver
  9. cm ruler

Super thin, yet super strong

The Wallet Ninja is made from 4X heat-treated steel. So despite being only 1.5mm thick, it's incredibly strong. You can't bend this sucker — it's as solid as steel (because it's solid steel).

Hands showing how the thickness of the Wallet Ninja compares to a credit card.
At a mere 1.5mm thick, the Wallet Ninja is thinner than two credit cards.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime

The manufacturer backs the Wallet Ninja with a lifetime guarantee. It will never rust, bend, or dull!

The eyeglass screwdriver on the Wallet Ninja being used on a pair of eyeglasses.
The Wallet Ninja is made from heat-treated steel that is guaranteed to never rust, bend, or dull.

Clever, useful tools

Our two personal favorites on the Wallet Ninja are the box opener (to get at all the goodies we buy online) and the cellphone stand.

Slide a credit card through the specially-designed slot and showcase the latest amazing videoyou've found online.

The Wallet Ninja includes an ingenious cellphone stand.
With the help of a credit card, you can transform the Wallet Ninja into a smartphone stand.

Wallet Ninja travels well!

The absence of sharp edges and its small size has earned the Wallet Ninja the distinction of being TSA-approved. You are hereby cleared to carry the Wallet Ninja aboard your next flight.

The Wallet Ninja is approved by the TSA for your carry-on during flight.
The Wallet Ninja is one of very few multi-tools approved by the TSA!

Open stuff in a pinch!

In addition to six hex wrenches and four screwdrivers, the Wallet Ninja is packed with eight other everyday tools. These include a bottle opener, can opener, letter opener, box cutter, inch and centimeter rulers, the aforementioned cellphone stand, and a fruit peeler!

The Wallet Ninja includes a bottle opener and can opener.
The Wallet Ninja includes a convenient bottle opener and a serviceable can opener in a pinch.

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