Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen
Electro Acupuncture Pen

Electro Acupuncture Pen

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Feeling constant body aches?

This Electro Acupuncture Pen helps to ease body aches same way acupuncture does, only without needles!

Treatment principle:

An advanced acupuncture pen that not only detects the body’s acupuncture points and meridians, it also offers electro acupuncture treatment to these channels for effective body relief, and balancing of the bodily meridians.

Electro Acupuncture Pen generates light electrical impulses that stimulates sensitive points of body, corrects imbalances of flow to relief the tension and pain in muscles. Improves general health and immune system the same as traditional acupuncture does but without piercing the skin with needles. 

How it works:

The Electro Acupuncture Pen is capable of detecting meridians by interpreting the skin’s electrical resistance. While scanning the skin, the pen reads the local electrical resistance of the specific area. The lesser the resistance, the closer it is to the acupuncture point.
The Electro Acupuncture Pen is an acupuncture and moxibustion therapy device that follows the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory; hence it does not pose any harm to one’s health. Furthermore, as it accurately locates meridians, one can skillfully apply electro acupuncture to stimulate the body’s natural curative capabilities.

With the application of electro acupuncture, the use of needles is not necessary. The stimulation probe (tip of the device) is a modern spring type probe that offers consistent and comfortable acupressure and electro acupuncture to the acupoints. It serves as the stimulant, releasing muscular tension from the channels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing QI to aid in self-regeneration.
Overall Electro Acupuncture Pen is an electrotherapeutic device that offers the benefits of acupuncture treatment anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the comforts of treatment through use of the Electro Acupuncture Pen.


1. The essence of tradition Chinese medicine, health promotion.

2. Effective physical therapy, infrared laser and acupuncture without piercing the skin with needles.
3. Effective pain management.
4. Automatically searches for the body point, will not work when couldn’t find the body point or meridian obstructed.
5. 9 electricity strength levels to choose from, easy to choose the most suitable level.

Effective for:

  • Pain relief for arthritis
  • Rheumatism treatment
  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • Sciatica pain relief
  • Spondylitis pain relief
  • Migraine treatment
  • Sports sprains treatment
  • Muscle pain relief
  • Joint pain relief
  • Help with back pain
  • Fibromyalgia treatment
  • Relieve musculoskeletal pain
  • Improves immune system
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Helps ease severe body pain

1. Slides on the skin causing the feeling of stimulation and vibration, the feeling will be stronger on the acupuncture points, which will be relaxed right after application.

2. Minimizes pain of muscle, joints and nerves, especially the slower nerve conduction of pain.
3. Strengthens the immune system, enhances immune function.

Package Included:
1 x 
Electric Acupuncture Pain Relief Pen
1 x Node Type Head
1 x Dome Type Head
2 x Cases of Energy Cream
1 x Container

1. When the pen slides on the skin, together with the holding hand and body connect as a circuit, the hand and the contacted points will have the feeling of vibration and a little numbness, it is how the meridian pen works, but not the leakage of electricity, please note that. 
2. The user manual is in Chinese, but the important parts about the application, the contraindication and the meridians are provided on this page, please check carefully before purchase.
3. Children under 8 years old should be under the adult supervision when using.
4. The following situation can not use this product:
--Over implanted metal part.

--If you use a pacemaker.
--If you suspect you are in your first 16 weeks pregnancy.
--On the carotid sinus nerves, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles on the front/side of your neck.
--On wet skin or in damp surroundings

--If you suffer from epilepsy

--On open wounds.
--Close to oxygen or inflammable liquids.
--On open wounds.
--Over the heart.

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